DSL specialises in all workscopes associated with Drilling Structures, both onshore and offshore, providing our customers with the combination of experience, track record, Industry qualifications and competency that eliminates any doubt about our professionalism or ability.

The Industry Quality and Training accreditations and licences held by DSL clearly demonstrate our commitment to the integrity of our services, along with our investment and commitment to the training of our personnel. No other company in the field are as committed to the safety of our operations and people.

Because of our licences and accreditations, you need not concern yourself with worrying about whether you should go to your Derrick OEM or not. DSL is qualified to perform anything you need doing to your drilling structure, from inspections, re-certification, replacement of members through to upgrades.
However, these are only words, and you will find our less qualified and less experienced competitors using both these words and copying many others from this web site as they attempt to imitate our business. What they cannot imitate however is our track record and reputation that speaks for itself throughout the Industry.

The above mentioned demonstrates that we are the market leaders for the provision of Quality, Safety and Competency for the services and products that we provide. Furthermore, as a company that believes that it has the ability to contribute to improving the standards and safety of our field of operations.