The DSL Casing Stabbing Board represents one of the safest designs available to you today and its success is demonstrated by the fact that it has been effectively installed and operated on drilling rigs both onshore and offshore, Worldwide.

The functioning principle of the unit has remained the same whilst we have built many variations of this design for every type of structure including;

  • Workover Rigs
  • Land Drilling Rigs
  • Static Derricks
  • Dynamic Derricks
  • Offshore Masts

This board provides a safe haven for the operator and folds back out of the way to maximise Derrick space and eliminate the
possibility of damage to the board when not in use.
DSL Fabricated Casing Stabbing Board in Upright Position
DSL Fabricated Casing Stabbing Board Lowering
Casing Stabbing Board in Lowered Position