DSL Rig Building crews erect and outfit Derricks all over the world. We work for shipyards, Derrick manufacturers, Drilling Contractors, Main Contractors and Operators in any location.

Our experience ranges from Standard angle leg Derricks to massive double derricks such as the Thunder Horse and everything in between.

We can simply provide our expertise to assembly and install the structure or we can undertake all other aspects of the installation such as mechanical, electrical, piping etc.
Our approach to such projects is to plan them carefully in advance with the compilation of schedules, risk assessments, safety plans, project specific method statements and quality plans.

This approach helps you to integrate the Derrick Erection and Outfitting activities with the rest of the project and enables you to plan for both the overall safety and production of your project.
DSL Rig Building Crew Erecting a Derrick
Derrick being Assembled.