Upgrade of Existing Rigs brings you:

  • Quicker Rig Moves.
  • Less Rig Up & Rig Down activities.
  • Safer Operation.
  • Opportunity to enhance rig operation & performance.

You can increase the competitive advantage of ageing drilling rigs, by replacing the existing mast and substructure with highly mobile masts and substructures, providing you with faster rig moves and significantly less time and activity for rig up and rig down procedures.

Our structures accommodate almost every type of equipment in the field regardless of what combination of draw works, rotary, travel equipment and BOP's etc. that you have.

The replacement of the mast and substructure also provides you with the opportunity to introduce other enhancements to your operation be it performance or safety, thereby improving your operation overall.

Another significant advantage is that your existing rig does not have to come out of service until the new mast and substructure is delivered, therefore ensuring that the rig is out of service for the minimum amount of time whilst the new mast and substructure is outfitted.

New Desert Rigs

If you are planning to build a new desert rig, DSL can provide you with a new fast moving desert mast and substructure to match the equipment that you intend to install on your rig.

We will custom build to your requirements and your specifications along with a range of accessories to complement the rig.

Rig sizes are available from 750 to 3000hp range.