The experience at DSL in the design and manufacture of Offshore Drilling Derricks & Masts stands as one of the best in the Industry. Over 25 years of experience applicable to the design and manufacture of Dynamic & Static Derricks, Folding and Telescoping Masts of every size and capacity. All of this experience and expertise is at your disposal to design the solution for your Drilling Rig. Company names have changed over the years but we have retained this wealth of experience that is now once again flourishing at DSL.

We do not subcontract our work and in maintaining that strategy we have established our own API & ISO accredited fabrication facilities.

When we are not working on new builds we retain our Engineering capacity on the vast range of upgrade, refurbishment & recertification projects we carry out on existing structures & rigs.

Our experience, expertise and product knowledge is also reflected in the accreditations that we have achieved that are applicable to these structures including;

ISO 9001:2000

Whatever type of structure you require DSL has the qualified capability and capacity to provide you with a suitable solution to your specification.

*Accreditation implemented in 06
The range of Derricks & Masts we manufacture includes but is not limited to:

  • Static Derricks (Jack Ups & Platforms)
  • Dynamic Derricks
  • Dual Derricks
  • Off Set Derricks
  • Cantilever Masts & Substructures
  • Folding Masts
  • Telescoping Masts
  • Bootstrap Masts

The above mentioned are designed and manufactured in accordance with the operational requirements of your installation.

Our Derricks are built in our API approved facilities under our control by our workforce, thus ensuring that our reputation, quality standards, and pride, which is reflected in both our design and the quality of our workmanship.

Our skilled workforce has, through their experience become highly productive without any compromise on quality, which in turns helps us to provide you with true value for money, our Industry accreditations which include API 4F, 8C & ISO 9001 further reflects our capability.