• Recertification of Derricks
  • Recertification of Masts and Substructures

It is not unusual for customers to come to us due to there being no documentary and/or name plate evidence of the capacity of their drilling structure. In this situation the normal procedure is to carry out a structural analysis of the structure based on current member geometry and condition of the structure. DSL has in-house resources to carry out every aspect of these work scopes from survey and engineering through to the installation of any replacement parts or enhancement kit that is determined for the structure.

The same work scope applies if you need to increase your hook load, setback or other loads/combinations that are outside of the original design criteria of the derrick.

DSL as an API 4F licenced company for drilling structures has the qualifications, accreditations, Engineering resources and software, along with Worldwide locations to support your project with drilling derrick analysis and associated derrick structural engineering.

Upon completion of the work scope you will be in possession of all the relevant certification and associated documentation that validates the operational capacity of your structure to API.

Rig/CustomerWorkscopeOriginal OEMType of Structure
Victory DrillerRefurbish & recertifyDSLA L derrick
Noble DiscovererUpgrade & recertifyPyramidDynamic Derrick
Prime ExeterUpgrade & RecertifyJoseph ParisBeam leg derrick
ECDCRecertify Mast & Substructure
Transocean MonarchUpgrade & RecertifyJoseph ParisBeam leg derrick
Transocean 710Refurbish & RecertifiyDrecoCantilever Mast
Shelf High Island IXRefurbish & RecertifyDSLBeam leg derrick
Shelf High Island VRefurbish & RecertifyDIBeam leg derrick
ENSCO 70 & 71Upgrade & RecertifyDrecoBeam leg derrick
ONGC Saga Shakti, Tyoti, Pragati & Kiran4 x Refurbish & RecertifyPyramid L C MoorePyramid L C Moore
ENI/Mellitha Bouri Field 2 x refurbish & certifyDrecoBeam Leg Derricks
Noble DuchessRefurb & RecertifyL C MooreDynamic Derrick
Dalma Rig 10Upgrade & RecertifyBranhamMast & Sub
Oando PassionRefurb & RecertifySuperior Derrick ServicesMast and Sub
SitepUpgrade & RecertifyFranksMast and Substructure