Land Rig Refurbishment, Upgrades and Re-Certification form a significant part of our core business Worldwide. From Carrier Rigs to the biggest Drilling Rigs we can provide you with a range of services from complete overhaul, upgrade for new equipment/capacity or refurbishment of individual components.

We have a long history of working with masts and substructures, carrier and trailer rigs of almost every manufacturer there is or has been. Our extensive knowledge and background is at your disposal to support whatever it is that you need to do to your rig. Our worldwide locations ensure that we are able to support you wherever you are in the world.

API audits DSL annually for its various licences and for rig refurbishments, these certifications include include API Q1 & ISO 9001:2008.

As an API 4F & 8C licensed company we have the qualifications and accreditations to re-certify your drilling structure.
We can even convert your rig to helicopter transportable if required.

Some of the common upgrades that we undertake include;

  • Refurbishment of Drilling Structure
  • Replacement Of Components
  • Upgrade Of BOP Handeling Systems
  • Modifications to increase Rig Capacity
  • Top Drive Upgrades
  • Replacement Masts and Substructures
  • Re-Certification Of Structure In Accordance With API 4F
  • Rig Moving Systems
  • And Much Much More
Landrig Refurbished by Derrick Services (UK) Ltd