Safety, a sensitive issue for many, but not for us. Why? Because it’s simply fundamental to everything we do.

A massive proportion of our onsite activities are carried out in the air, installing components from derrick members, CMC’s through to the installation and rig up of travel equipment.

So you will appreciate that we probably take safety of our people and our operations a little more serious than most. This is achieved in part through a dedicated training academy and fully qualified training staff, as well as a SMS that has been evolved through years of experience and field feedback, which still continues as that system continues to evolve.

We can say a lot of things about what we do and what we don’t do, but that’s what everyone else does. Take a look at our investment in the safety of our personnel and the Industry accreditations that have been achieved from that listed below.
Safety comes before everything, always.

DSL Training Academy providing training and qualification for:

  • API Derrick Technicians.
  • Crosby Rigging Training.
  • API Drilling Structure Inspectors.
  • NVQ Centre.
  • Dropped Object Prevention Training.
  • Manual Handling.
  • Risk Assesment.

DSL is approved by API
DSL is a member of DROPS
DSL is approved by IRATA
DSL are a member of the British Safety Council
OPITO Approved Competency Management System

Industry recognition of the competency management of our personnel, onshore and offshore<
Comprehensive SMS System

API Certified Training Provider for API Derrick Technicians
DSL are the creator of this qualification and are to date the only Company in the Industry to provide certified Derrick Technicians

API Certified Training Provider for API Certified Derrick Inspectors – pending as of February 2013
There has never previously been a qualification or recognised training for the inspection and recertification of drilling structures, DSL has changed that

DSL is an active member of DROPS contributing to help reduce the amount of dropped object incidents in our industry and at the same time learn from the organisation for the future development of our own systems to reduce the dropped object potential in our industry.

Derrick Services has been approved by IRATA for the provision of Rope Access Technicians to the Industry in accordance with the IRATA standards.

DSL is a member of the British Safety Council.