DSL undertakes land rig inspection, condition surveys, rig selection inspection and audits Worldwide. Our detailed surveys provide you with the information you need to enable an informed decision to be made when considering hiring or buying a rig.

Our experience and Industry accreditations applicable to rig manufacture and upgrade provides you with the confidence that you are engaging a company that has the necessary experience and in-house resources to fully support the inspection and evaluation services that we provide.

Our Inspection formatting provides you with clear and concise technical evaluation for the degree of inspection that you wish to engage.
Our detailed reports are provided via our bespoke inspection and certification database RigCentral© Inspection reporting is produced on an on-going basis during the inspection with the use of ATEX Rated tablets that enables the Inspectors / Surveyors to photograph, record and comment on each item. This eliminates a high percentage of the time needed for conventional report compilation, which in turn means it costs you less money for your survey and subsequent report.

When it comes to evaluating your short list of inspected rigs for rig selection, our RigCentral© software enables you to make direct comparisons of the rigs, their equipment portfolios and the inspection results of the rigs as part of your decision making process.

To understand our complete range of services Please Click Here to go to our Halliburton Case Study for Rig Condition Surveys and Audits.
Rig Condition Survey