Introducing RigCentral ©
Many MODU’s have struggled with the central storage of various equipment certification documents, inspection reports and rig assets.

Customized Excel spread sheets and databases make up the majority of tools for storing records on-board at present, none of which provides both operational and maintenance management with the transparency of this information at their fingertips, both onshore and offshore.

DSL has introduced its RigCentral database into the Industry to eliminate this problem once and for all, eradicating the time wasted in finding and checking reports and certification, along with giving you notification of when current certification is due to expire.

Key Benefits of RigCentral©

The system enables you to manage all of your inspection reports/data from one system with the rig and operating base sharing the same information.

The system allows personnel to be more time effective, sometimes saving up to 75% on entry time for tasks such as Lifting Gear Inspections.

Subsequent inspections are carried quicker than normal due to the fact that the Inspectors have instant access to all of the information required to commence work.

The built in planner and scheduler means that inspections are met on time and not missed. Reminders allow the aligning of vendors to conduct surveys promptly.

Mistakes can be eliminated by making certain areas read only access,and utilising dropdowns and lookups.

The 3D charting allows for easy comparison of Installations side by side. Trends can be easily uncovered and because of the interactive element defective items can be reached.
Key Features
Provides the Rig/fleet with a central database system to manage any inspection activity, including but not limited to:

What Makes RigCentral© Different from Competitors?

Rig Fleet Management; compare the status of items across the fleet with reports and
3D graphs that are created on the fly with live data.

Merge Sync data across the internet, USB, Laptop to Laptop, Laptop to Server.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Tagging to complement our inspection services.

Web portal allowing viewing of reports/items and also inspection entry for third party companies, allowing the third parties to inspect then complete later if not using the application.

Bespoke to client requirements. No programming needed to change the format of inspections, RigCentral© can be customized to suit the requirements within the application itself making RigCentral© future proof and flexible.