In over 30 years of experience we have upgraded, modified, repaired, re-certified and inspected almost every type of structure that is out there, regardless of manufacturer or design. We constantly have several Derricks on-going at any one time and complete many upgrades year on year, covering every element of the work-scope from Structural Analysis through to Installation of the materials applicable to the project, at any location in the World.

Our in-house Engineering has accumulated many years of experience of upgrade work-scopes allowing us to provide fast, proven Derrick solutions to your requirements. Our API 4F & 8C accreditations provide you with the assurance that we are qualified to undertake such work-scopes.

Installation of field upgrades is a particular strength of the business. We have a large pool of offshore/site crews and personnel that undertake onsite upgrades and modifications at locations all over the World. Our many years of experience completing work scopes at remote locations has provided our customers with upgrades, repairs and modifications completed on time and in budget, time after time.
Typical Projects that we undertake include;

  • Increased Hook Load Capacity
  • Increased Setback Capacity
  • TD Upgrades
  • Derrick Extensions
  • Derrick Windwall & Heat Shield Cladding
  • Replacement Guide Rails
  • Replacement Racking Boards
  • Derrick Modifications for Introduction of Pipe Handling
  • Derrick Lighting
  • High & Low Pressure Piping
  • Replacement Guide Rails
  • Casing Stabbing Boards
  • Bolt Changes
  • Derrick Inspections

Whatever you need done to your Derrick, we have the experience, qualifications, resources and locations to support your project, safely and efficiently.
Derrick After Upgrade.